Friday, March 12, 2010


My friend posted this meme blog and offered it up to anyone who wanted to blurb a little about themselves. Here it goes.

The perfect outfit: Long flowing cotton skirt and a tank top; flip-flops
The perfect drink: Ice cold all natural lemonade (not too sweet, not too tart)
The perfect meal: almost anything someone else makes
The perfect hangover cure: (it's been a long time) a McDonald's cheeseburger and an ice cold fountain soda (diet coke)
The perfect road trip: all that do not include screaming of any nature. I love road trips!!!
The perfect facial feature: big blue eyes (we've got a few around these parts!)
The perfect afternoon: Hanging with hubby & friends while the kids run amok in my yard
The perfect vacation: any without the in laws (we take a few too many of them)
The perfect type of wedding: Someone else's (mine was too stressful)
The perfect album: Harvest Moon
The perfect accent: Irish
The perfect weather: 80 and sunny with a slight breeze
The perfect song: Box of Rain
The perfect sign of affection: a kiss on the eyelids
The perfect party: Close friends, summer night. grilling, kids covered in dirt, running through the yard with sparklers, lots of laughing
The perfect sport: hmmmmm spending time with the hubby *wink, wink*
The perfect thing to say: "You won!!!" or "You saved______!" (I love going to the supermarket, they started telling you how much you saved every time!!!
The perfect date: The one when my husband actually listens and converses instead of talking all about himself and his job.

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