Thursday, October 29, 2009


Fashion is one of the battles of life with my girls that I choose not to engage in. Not only do I feel that clothing is a way to express one's individuality, but I also like that they dress themselves. I have to admit that I do highly encourage modesty and frown upon the lack thereof. I will give my two cents on picture days and the like, but I will usually stay out of it. Today was one of those days that maybe needed a little more battle from my end. Bean's been out of preschool since last Thursday because at any given moment SOMEBODY was sick in our house and I just hate sharing cooties. So, being that it was her first day back, she decided she wanted to wear her jean dress. It has long sleeves and is really cute. It's a bit short for my liking so I usually suggest pants or tights and have been received quite well, until this morning. Yesterday was my day of illness and I asked my father to pick Bird up from school (she was the first one to be sick and is well over it) and grab us something for dinner. Not only did Poppy bring pizza (favorite), but he also brought each girl a huge tattoo. Bird's was a sparkly silver bird and Bean's was a flaming heart. Both girls decided to put their tattoos on their shins. Now I'm not sure if it is because the tattoos are huge or if their shins are so small, but Bean's entire left shin is covered with her flaming heart which is completely exposed due to the lack of pants or tights. Bean also decided to wear her red sparkly 'Dorothy' shoes to match the red in her tattoo. When she sat down to breakfast, she commented on how her 'butt was chilly'. When I told her she might reconsider the pants/tights subject, her response was a matter of factly stated "But then it won't be fancy." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It is important for us girls to feel fancy, especially after being sick, isn't it? So off my 3 year old went to preschool with a miniskirt, tattoo and fancy shoes. Fashion beat Function today! Tomorrow? The dress will be donated to Goodwill.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy Birthdays

Well, today is my 34th Birthday. I have to admit, I have very few feelings about today. As a matter of fact, until a few days ago I actually thought I was going to be 35. I was talking to one of my nearest and dearest friends. We actually lived with one house separating us, our parents had never met until a week before our shared first birthday. We've been besties ever since (By the way, she'd kill me for using the word besties.). I actually asked her if she had any big plans for our 35th and she said she wasn't sure but she'd take the year to think about it. I guess that's what happens when you have kids. Their birthdays stand out and yours fade into the background. I used to walk around wearing a tiara on my birthday and would plan for weeks on how I was going to spend it. Today, my husband wished me a Happy Birthday when he woke up (he's good like that), I got to pray without interruption, I got to take a hot shower, I got an email from my chiropractor, my dad's taking me out for breakfast, my facebook page has well wishes from those who noticed the announcement, my in-laws gave me a little cash (!!!!), and I expect a couple of phone calls from my siblings and mother. I also share my birthday with my cousin/sister's (she wasn't an actual sister, but we grew up very close and still are) daughter. She'll be 1 today! All in all it's starting to pan out into a really nice day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Putting The Pieces Together

Yesterday, I decided to start my newest project for Craft Hope . I have made a couple of blankets in my time, but never a quilt. I decided to pull out all the scraps of cloth I've been saving for "something". I made a template out of the smallest scrap and cut the rest to match. I assorted them into a complete mismatch of hodgepodge and began sewing blocks of 4. When this is done, I plan to lay it out and see how big it is and if I need something to seperate the blocks in order to make them a more cohesive piece. I'm also planning a trip to my favorite fabric store. It's about 45 minutes-1 hour away, but all the fabric is $1.99/yd. I will also be picking up fabric for the girls' new rooms. I need a backing for the quilt, 3 sets of curtains and possibly some stuff to make each of my girls a quilt or bedspread. We'll see.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Transition Period

Being as there has been virtually no fall here in the Northeast, my household has been in the midst of our summer to winter transiton period. This time usually takes a whole season to accomplish but this year it is all being jammed into a 2-3 week period. I have actually been messing around with clothes for about 2 weeks now. What started out as our usual change of season/size clothing swap turned into something much bigger. After we were all done, we got an invitation to an actual "Clothing Swap". We were to bring any clean, gently used clothing which would then be displayed and set up throughout my friend's home as a shop would. Any left over clothing was going directly to the Rescue Mission in our area. What a great idea, I had to get on board especially after realizing how many clothes we actually have and how few of them we actually wear. We ended up donating 11 bags of clothes from size newborn-size 14 Womens. I was also able to organize our collection of clothing totes so that each tote houses 1 size from newborn up to my stuff. Not only did we donate clothing, but also shoes and accessories. Bird and I made the swap a date night and had a great time. Bird came home with a few tee shirts and some jewelry to share with Bean and I came home with a quilted LL Bean fall jacket. I may not be able to wear it this year, but I expect that next year when I do get to wear it, it will be quite a gift. Sug and I have deicded that after our yard clean up (hopefully this week)the girls will be getting their own rooms. This will afford us the opportunity to donate toys (the "extra room" is currently a disaterous playroom) and give each older girl a place of her own. We will also be setting some new house rules/disciplines/family times into affect. Sug and I haven't gotten the time to sit and talk about it all yet. Sug has been busy chopping wood for our hastily appraoching winter, but I was able to secure some free babysitting at the Clothes Swap for 3 hours next Sunday evening. Wow!!! Although, I'd rather leave such things out of our rare date nights, I think we can come up with some things that will afford us some more quality time inthe future. Whoever said that the only constant is change sure knew what they were talking about!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking out the Trash

I've hit one of those times in my life where I can't handle any of it any more. I went away for the weekend with just the baby in order to get a little relaxation. When I returned home, I realized the difference between relaxing and resting. Relaxing to me means the absence of daily chores and household maintenance. Which is exactly what I did while visiting a very dear friend and her family. Resting to me (which is now obvious) is sleeping. Hours upon hours of lost sleep regained through a day or two of uninterrupted SLEEEEEEEEEP. Needless to say, with Bunny being with me, my version of rest did not occur. So, when I came home to all the usual mayhem and chaos, I couldn't handle it. Sug wasn't feeling well (we know how that goes). Bird has been feeling particularly rebellious and defiant, and Bean is out of control. Her screaming, whining and crying has been a constant for a few weeks now. My sleep deprived mama brain can only bear so much and the amount has been exceeded for a while. I would be lying if I said that I didn't consider abandoning it all. I had plotted a month long undetected escape. Unfortunately, the type A personality that thrives within my being got caught up in the logistics and I was violently thrashed back into reality and the need for change. It is time for our family to take out the trash. Potty mouths, violence, back talk, disobedience, whining and screaming are all being kicked to the curb. Last night, I watched about 6 episodes of Supernanny and began to really take notes on what seems to work and why. I also began to pray to know and understand my children better so that I can execute the proper guidance and discipline required to each as an individual. I will also be implementing a special Mommy time and Daddy time for each child each month. My time away with Bunny will be her Mommy Time for the month. Bird and I will be attending a clothes swap this Friday evening and Beanbag and I will be touring our CSA farm and how it operates on Sunday afternoon. As far as Daddy time is concerned, I really want them to figure it out on their own (says the control freak). I'm ready to change the atmosphere of this house from children vs parents to our family vs the world. Keep us in your prayers as I am well aware of the fact that I can't do this properly on my own.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


To immunize or not to immunize that is the question. It freaks me out to think that every time I allow my children to get a shot, I am allowing them to be exposed to harmful chemicals. Not only are they exposed, but they are being infested by them. I have to admit my lack of research and knowledge in this department. I only know by past experience. Beanbag got one of her MMR shots and ended up with a case of the measles. I think she was somewhere around 8 months old. Today, I have to bring her in for her yearly physical and in order to keep her in the preschool she currently attends, there's a good probability that she will need some shots today. I will be bringing Tylenol for the pain and have promised chicken nuggets for lunch, but I will be praying the whole way there and for the next few days that all will be well. This may be just the thing that starts my research. Unfortunately, it appears as thought the public school system has made my decision for me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The big birthday bash is over. I can breathe a sigh of relief. It rained. We survived. The kids actually had a great time playing in the mud and rain. Overall, it was a good day. Although, I have to admit that I am experiencing quite the hangover. No, there wasn't any alcohol at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. But there was copious amounts of time, energy, stress, thought, and money spent in order to bring it all together. I went to sleep last night feeling guilty, pained and even slightly embarrassed about what had just occurred. I feel the same way this morning that I used to feel after a night out drinking. I feel deep remorse and slight confusion over it all. I hate that I wasn't able to spend much quality time with anyone at the party. When left to look over all the left over food, the pile of beautiful/thoughtful presents, the amount of things that I had bought/created that were never used, and the sheer exhaustion and crankiness which ultimately led up to ungratefulness and sense of self righteousness and pride in my girls, I cried. I just began to think of all the people who have NOTHING and here we are sitting in abundance and feeling as though we deserve it. I am glad that my daughters and their friends had a great time. I just feel badly for neglecting what I have. I have an amazing circle of friends and family who care about us and love us. I have 3 beautiful, healthy, smart daughters, one of which is now 3 and believes in the depths of her being that 3 year olds use the potty and now lives by it (day 2). I have a husband who loves us deeply and does everything he can to provide for all our needs. We have all been blessed enough to bless each other with our time and gifts. The joys of this world are so fleeting and our time here is so short. There is a good chance that I will fall into this pit again as I do so love to create, make, focus, and dream big. I'm just hoping that I will put what is important first next time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Drumroll Please

Tomorrow is the big Wizard of Oz birthday party, and there is still a bunch of things to do. I need to assemble the 'Rainbow Birthday cake'. I made 6 white cakes: red, orange, yellow, gree, blue, and purple. I will be cutting them in half and layering them to make two 6 half layer cakes. I will be covering them with blue frosting (sky), a little rainbow and a number 3 candle. I will also have green macaroni & cheese and Toto hot dogs (teeney weenies) among other things. I also need to cut doors and windows in Emerald City. Here are a few pictures of some of the stuff I've finished: The Wicked Witch's legs, Tinman party hats, Cowardly Lion Apple Toss, Dorothy's costume, Yellow Brick Road and lolipops as big as your fist. I've finished much more, but instead of snapping pictures, I need to buckle down. We're expecting close to 50 people (98% family) and it is now supposed to rain. I had planned a route around my yard, but it looks like I'm going to need to regroup on a few things. I may even need to make a rain date.

Lesson in the process of being learned:
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21