Thursday, September 10, 2009

36" 24" 36"

Well, not quite. Bunny is 5 months old, yet it feels as though I've been wearing nursing bras for an eternity. In my last trimester of being pregnant with Bird, I was so excited to try on the brand new, clean, crisp white bras with the little snap out middle that would soon be useful for feeding my newest little one. That was more than 5 years ago and being as I conceived Bean 1 week after weaning Bird and conceived Bunny 1 month after weaning Bean, those sweet little nursing bras have been working over time. For my past two pregnancies, I started wearing my nursing bras sometime in the first trimester. I started showing earlier and earlier and needed something more comfortable for my ever expanding rib cage and bustline. A few months ago, Bird saw me get out of the shower and, to quote a sad truth, exclaimed, "Wow Mommy, your boobahs are long!". Ten years ago my boobahs would have been described as anything but long, never mind the fact that they weren't even called boobahs. So here I am, 5 years and 3 well nursed/nursing babies later, with long boobahs. To add insult to injury, I have lost very little baby fat in my midsection and have been feeling as though the only thing holding my breasts up these days is my stomach. Pretty picture, ehh? It has all been bothering me for at least a couple of weeks now, so today was the day. I headed into the big city to have my first official bra fitting. I have no idea what size I am right now, and because I wanted something to hold me up and shape me (no more uni-boob), I figured I'd do better in the hands of a professional. Man, was I right. The bra I wore in was a wireless nursing bra that had seen better days, the one I walked out with was exactly the same size (a total coincidence), but with an underwire and a molded cup. This bra is pretty and does what it's supposed to do. I can still nurse with it, by popping my breast out of top of the cup, but I think I may save it for date nights and days when I'm expected to be around other people. I actually look a lot more like a woman than like a sad, old, overmilked cow.

I had a teacher in the fourth grade, Mrs. M. I loved her so much and thought she was so beautiful. Mrs. M was a full figured woman and during silent reading time, she would hold her book with one hand and set her cup of coffee (or it could have been vodka for all I know) on her large shelf like bosom. When she said the Pledge of Allegiance, it looked like she was holding down a couple of helium balloons. Please don't think I am writing this to be cruel or hurtful, because that is not the case. I wanted to be just as voluptuous and curvy as Mrs. M. Today, I can say that I may not be the same size as Mrs. M., but I have the comfortable confidence in this not quite size 2 body, that Mrs. M. had all those years ago. I would just like to thank God, Mrs. M., and the woman with the warm hands and measuring tape.

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