Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've got a few projects and hopes of projects going on for the next couple of days. I've started my yellowbrick road for Beanbag's birthday party as well as sent out the evite. Almost everyone has responded and is coming! I have a 500 yd roll of yellow plastic table cloth material on which I am tracing a book with black Sharpie. It's coming out pretty well so far. Normally, I'd be totally against using that much plastic for anything, but I actually have plans to reuse it for our teepee. I've tried the cloth cover and it just grows mold way too quickly, this yellow brick road ahould be a perfect cover for it. I am also trying to take notes from "The Maker's Diet" so I can have the 'important stuff' set aside for review when necessary. I also have high hopes of baking some zucchini chocolate chip cookies with the plethera of zucchini I have accumulated from my crop share over the past 2 weeks. Finally, I have a friend who just had her first baby, and I have yet to pay a visit because Bird and Bean have had a little cough. I sent over dinner with the hubby, but today I hope to be able to drop off some 'hiney helper' to aid in her recovery. 'Hiney helper' is the name I gave to the tea soaked gauze pads that my midwife made for me. With comfrey, chamomile and raspberry leaf placed in the fridge/freezer, these pads soothe, cool and heal. So, in addition to getting the kiddies off and keeping up with some household stuff and my first day of BSF questions, it looks like I may have a very busy day! Oh, and I forgot to post that Bunny got her first tooth the other day!!!! It's really cute and there was no fuss or muss about it. I actually happened upon it by chance!

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