Monday, October 19, 2009

Putting The Pieces Together

Yesterday, I decided to start my newest project for Craft Hope . I have made a couple of blankets in my time, but never a quilt. I decided to pull out all the scraps of cloth I've been saving for "something". I made a template out of the smallest scrap and cut the rest to match. I assorted them into a complete mismatch of hodgepodge and began sewing blocks of 4. When this is done, I plan to lay it out and see how big it is and if I need something to seperate the blocks in order to make them a more cohesive piece. I'm also planning a trip to my favorite fabric store. It's about 45 minutes-1 hour away, but all the fabric is $1.99/yd. I will also be picking up fabric for the girls' new rooms. I need a backing for the quilt, 3 sets of curtains and possibly some stuff to make each of my girls a quilt or bedspread. We'll see.


  1. Pictures!!!! I want to start a quilt too. Did you go to the fabric store yet? I was almost there last week and there was a car accident that closed the road- right at the Mohegan entrance. BUMMER. Let me know if you haven't been yet :)

  2. oh, and I think I am going to post some pictures of the curtains I made for Logan and Sophies rooms on my blog if you want some ideas ;)