Tuesday, October 6, 2009


To immunize or not to immunize that is the question. It freaks me out to think that every time I allow my children to get a shot, I am allowing them to be exposed to harmful chemicals. Not only are they exposed, but they are being infested by them. I have to admit my lack of research and knowledge in this department. I only know by past experience. Beanbag got one of her MMR shots and ended up with a case of the measles. I think she was somewhere around 8 months old. Today, I have to bring her in for her yearly physical and in order to keep her in the preschool she currently attends, there's a good probability that she will need some shots today. I will be bringing Tylenol for the pain and have promised chicken nuggets for lunch, but I will be praying the whole way there and for the next few days that all will be well. This may be just the thing that starts my research. Unfortunately, it appears as thought the public school system has made my decision for me.


  1. We delay vaccinations. Sophie has only had 2 polo shots. I have a book you can borrow- The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears

  2. I'll trade your jacket back for that book. I really need a place to start.