Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Sweet...

I would love to be here posting about how fabulous and relaxing it is to finally be home. The girls and I just got home yesterday from what was supposed to be a week long stay, helping my grandmother (Gigi (GG)- to the kids) pack the things in their huge 4 bedroom house out of state so they could move here. The 1 week turned into 12 days and I was soooo looking forward to the peace of returning home. After a horrific car ride, we arrived home, Bunny needed to be fed, as did the girls, I needed to pee, the overflowing car needed to be unloaded, dinner needed to be defrosted and we needed to head to Target for a new bottle. (By the way, the Born Free bottles ROCK!!!) At least the house WAS clean until I unloaded the contents of the car onto our dining room table and beyond, where it still sits at this very moment because the phone won't stop ringing. It's taken me 2 hours just to get this much out!!!! The only sanity and relief that was to be my 'Home Sweet Home' was seeing my husband and his brand new teeth (a whole different story) with his mouth agape as I rushed out the door to my Bible study. I know that Jesus is in all things, even the insanity and chaos of my 12 day stint, but sometimes it's just so nice to sit quietly and listen, learn and pray with a group of likeminded equally challenged women. God Bless my Bible girls, Jesus, and my husband for making that small peice of time possible.

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