Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pillowcase Dresses

I love how God works! I have been looking for a pattern for pillowcase dresses for quite sometime. Searching the web left me clueless as am am not a very experienced sewer. I basically gave up on the idea and moved on. This past weekend, my family and I went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in our town and I happened across the CUTEST pillowcase dresses, which reignited my enthusiasm. After searching the web again, I came up with something, but I still wasn't super impressed. This morning, I sat down for my usual breakfast at the computer and while reading one of my favorite blogs, came across a link to a site called craft hope. Craft hope reaches out to the virtual world to fill the lives of real people with hope through the gift of sewing and crafts. They are currently on their 3rd project, outfitting an orphanage in India with all their linen based needs. Are you kidding? I am so on board. After reading through the current mission and making a vow in my heart to start TODAY, God blessed me. A couple of projects before this one was making pillowcase dresses for an orphange in Brazil!!! ARE YOU KIDDING? It was complete with pattern, directions, a picture tutorial and all. Go God!!! Thank you, my King!!! They also have a pattern and tutorial for the cutest dolls...Christmas gifts, anyone??? I am so happy to be getting on board with such a great cause. Praise you, Lord for the way you work.

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