Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vehicularly Vexed

I am utterly confused about this whole Clunkers for Cash incentive that's currently being offered. I normally wouldn't give a second thought to some scheme I couldn't understand, but we could really use a new car. Birdie and I were talking about a family of friends when she announced that the fact that they only have 2 children and are probably done having children was "bad, just not good".
Perplexed, I asked "Why?".
She exclaimed quite matter of factly, "Because it's better to have 3 or 4 or 6 kids!"
I tried to explain that God has a plan for each family and all families look different, some don't even have any kids, and some have many more than 6. I finished my mini sermon with what I thought was an extremely though provoking question... "How many children do you think God wants us to have in our family?"
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, she answered "3!"
Perplexed again, I asked "Why?"
I then had to cover my mouth to wipe away the smile that was fast spreading across it when her response was, "Because our car isn't big enough to fit anymore kids!" I believe that I have mentioned that Birdie is quite intelligent, and, of course, she's right.
Unfortunately, I love my car (not in a weird, don't touch it or eat in it kind of way, but I'm thankful for it). That car is the car that God gave me when I couldn't afford a car, never mind one THAT nice. That car is the one that Sug, my then fiancee bought for me and my safety. That's the car DJ and I used when we went to the beach and the movies the whole summer after her mother died. That's the car that moved us into our first little rental house. That's the car that drove us to the hospital when I was in labor with Birdie and drove our new little family home. That's the car that has taken us on all our family vacations, as well as all of our everyday errands. The broken moon roof is a reminder of a really rough storm about 4 years back. A tree branch fell on top of the car and cracked the moon roof while our new little family sat in the dark surrounded by candles listening to the wind howl (literally) through the ancient windowpanes around us. It was lovely. The crack in the windshield is a daily reminder of the day Bunny entered our world. Sug, broke the windshield when he pushed our new carpet into it by accident. Having Bunny at home ruined our carpet. Small price to pay for such an amazingly blessed experience.
There are some technical reasons I don't want to get rid of the car as well. First and foremost, I still owe quite a bit for it. Secondly, it has never cost all that much to fix whenever any issues have arisen. Thirdly, it fits all 3 car seats (snugly) and still has room for the stroller and a week's worth of groceries. Finally, it has all wheel drive which is beyond necessary for where we live. What's a girl to do? Well, when you have a husband like mine, you just tell him all of it (even if halfway through, he rolls his hands and eyes gesturing that he wants me to get to the point!). Well, after I poured out my heart and my concerns, he nonchalantly responded with "What about my truck, we can always trade it in and I can use your car, problem solved!"
"My hero!"

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