Friday, July 31, 2009

One of Those Days

I was just reading through some of my past posts and realized that I never embellished upon my husband's new teeth, so here it is. I was away with all 3 girls and some other family members helping my grandparents clean out their house. It was the last day before everyone else was leaving to head home and the girls and I would be staying, because we could and there was so much more to do. My mother walked through the door announcing that there was something wrong with my car. I was not totally shocked because the afternoon earlier I had taken the girls to the playground to run out some energy and when I turned left to pull in to a parking spot, my car made the most horrible grinding crunching sound. My uncle gave it a whirl and it was decided that we needed to find a shop ASAP. As we were looking for the phone book, Sug called. He had just gotten a faceful of PVC pipe and had consequently knocked out his two front teeth. Thankfully, these were the same teeth he had knocked out by running face first into a tree as a kid, so the bloodshed and pain were minimal, but he wasn't sure if he should see a dentist or finish working. After advising him to call his boss and see if the dentist was available, I told him of our car trouble and we basically concluded that it was just 'one of those days'. I quickly dropped the car off and when I returned, I picked Bunny and her bouncy chair up off the floor and put them on the kitchen table (so none of the boxes of stuff would topple over and crush her). Instead, I bent down to pick something up and my elbow caught ahold of the edge of her chair flipping bouncy seat, baby and all onto the cement portion of my grandmother's kitchen floor. The baby had hit her forehead and her knees. I knew in my heart that she was alright, but the remainder of the day was spent in an emergency room waiting for my conclusions to be confirmed and being spoken down to by the attending physician. Those type days are the days that you can be sure that the angels are all over you. The car ended up with a broken axle that only cost $200, my husband ended up with a new set of teeth, and the baby was/is just fine. Praise God for His mercy, grace, and protection especially during 'one of those days' !!!

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