Friday, July 24, 2009

Leaving a Legacy

Unfortunately, I did not make the pillowcase dress yet,so there are not any pictures to share. I did make one more blanket and will be overnighting it as soon as we can all get out of the house (Bunny is a late sleeper). We all went blueberry picking and made the most delicious blueberry jam EVER!!! We've got quite the mission today. As I looked at all the lovely jars of jam, I remembered that my aunt had told me that my grandfather had eaten a whole jar of my strawberry jam in 1 week, soooo off to Grandma's house we go. Not only will I bring them 4 smiling faces and a jar of blueberry jam, I will also be bringing a dictaphone. While cleaning out their house a couple of weeks ago, I came across a couple of books that my mother and I had bought years ago. One was called 'Grandmother Remembers', another was 'Grandfather Remembers', and the one I'm most excited about is called 'To Our Children's Children'. I have to admit since cleaning out their house and seeing pictures, cards, and hearing about the memories of their children, my heart has been longing for a time long past. I know that God is eternal and that Satan has been around since the beginning of Earth as we know it. I relish the opportunity to have a very small glimpse into the generational traits and sins that both God and Satan have been privy to for quite sometime. I am blessed to have one full set of grandparents, and I am grieved to have the absence of the other. Little does my father know, I will be expecting him to fill the gap. I pray that God will give me the opportunity and the clarity of mind to bless my great-grandchildren with the memories, trials and joys of my grandparents and parents. I pray that the Lord will bless this endeavor mightily, for the good of His kingdom and the joy of His people. I pray that my children will see the importance of this and will be blessed to hear of a time gone by, of people they have descended from and cherish it in their hearts knowing that someone in our past has been praying for their children, their children's children, and their children's children's children until the return of Christ on Earth.

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