Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Color of Money

It is only too obvious that the color of America's currency is the same color people get when they are filled with envy...Green. Coincidence, I think not. The basic premise is that we all want what other people have, especially in the green department. I have to admit, there are days that I wish I had the money to buy an electric wheat grinder instead of using my hand grinder, but I think there is something to be said for the results of hard work. I didn't grow up with money and at times it was hard, but it makes you resourceful and innovative. When my husband and I began our lives journey together, we decided that we would rather be poor and raise our own children than be working our tails off to have a little extra coin and pay to have someone else raise our kids. That's what works for us, and I had a heads up that our financial life would be where it is. This blog entry is not going to be about how I want money, but more so a small complaint about those who have a little too much money. Why is it that those who have the least tend to give the most? I have quite a few people in my life who are not nearly as financially challenged as we are who hold on to their money as if it's all they have. These are the people who complain when the price of milk goes up and you know that extra 7 cents a week is far from destroying them. Now, I have been the beneficiary of quite a few things that my wealthier friends and family members no longer have a use for. We have literally only purchased 7 pieces of furniture for our whole house. Needless to say, thankful is an understatement. I'm just having a problem understanding how people who have money complain about it so much. Even more perplexing is that they would complain about it to someone in my financial situation. Instead of being green with jealousy or envy, I'm turning a little red with anger. I just want to scream out, "Well I doubt you cry when you pay your bills, or pray for a miracle so that your mortgage gets paid, or even hold off on buying shoes until you're sure that everything else has cleared! I don't care that you're upset about the extra 5 cents that gas went up since last week. I have to pay for that too!" I'm not usually this worked up about money, but I had a small incident this morning with a family member who fits this profile, and has asked me (that's right, me) for help so that he/she can save a little money ($1.50/month to be precise). Of course, I will help out in any way that I can. I just need to put on my rose colored glasses and flash my pearly whites. I am so thankful for this outlet to get my thoughts straight so that I don't confront others with my initial thoughts. Thank God for providing ways to change our hearts, even if it's for the love of money.

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