Monday, August 10, 2009


We're going on our first vacation alone as a whole family. Strange, right? We've been on quite a few vacations with other people. It tends to be quite cost effective and leaves very few dull moments. My husband and I have gone away a few times without the children, but never have we gone on vacation as a family. I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous. from my experience, vacations for moms are like final exams in college; nailing down the accommodations and finding care for the pets are the equivalent of homework (once they're done, it should be smooth sailing because you know what you're doing), packing is like crunch time studying (trying to cover every base "just in case" which usually makes you do a bunch of extra stuff that you will never need), and the trip itself is the final exam (where all your preparations are finally put to the test). Going on vacation is actually a lot of work for moms. I usually end up needing a vacation after my vacation. This year it may actually work out that way. As soon as we get home, we have a wedding, a night out with old friends, and then, the mother of all SAHM! Both Birdie and Bean will be going to school this year. Preschool is more work than it's worth, but one of those 2 hour time frames is already dedicated to food shopping with just Bunny. That means no running around, no begging for stuff, and no fighting. Now that's what I call a vacation!

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