Monday, August 17, 2009

Social Butterfly

It's amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air will do. Even though my girls and I tend to flit around here and there quite often, it's usually also quite solo. We go places like the supermarket, the farmer's market, Uncle Brother's, doctor's appointments, to a friend's house, quick trips to the playground, visiting friends and family out of state, things like that, very rarely do we do anything with buddies. I have to admit the fact that my car can only fit my family is a bit of a hindrance, but not this weekend. This weekend was awesome! We started our weekend on Friday and I'm just waking up from it today. On Friday, we went to the local fair with a great friend and her two kiddos. This is the friend who introduced me to cloth diapers and got my fires burning about getting better acquainted with my sewing machine. This friend also makes her own bread and lives a frugal lifestyle in order to be a SAHM. This friend has also known me and been my friend for...let's just say over 10 years. This friend had a nice warm bar stool next to mine and can share the stories about me that I don't want my kids to hear. Unfortunately, this friend also live out of state and bopping by each others' houses is pretty much out of the question. This tends to be the trend with me. The people I feel closest to, aside from my bible group and my family, live the farthest away. I can't complain though. As soon as I see them again it's like we were never apart. We made plans to get together and check out a movie soon without kids! Anyway, we ended up staying at the fair for 8 hours! That's like a job! In all actuality, it wasn't. The kids were amazing and had a great time. Birdie was helping Bean on and off all the rides, they were holding hands and waiting patiently in lines. It was amazing. we then headed over to my sister and brother-in-laws new house. They had just bought it and we decided to stop by and show them some love and support on the big job of starting their married life without roommates finally. We also committed to being there on the actual moving in day to help out. On Saturday, we visited with some more old friends, this time it was on the hubby's side. His next door neighbor from childhood got back from his 5th?!?! tour in Iraq and has finally decided to settle down. We went to their house for a BBQ and ended up leaving with an invite to their rehearsal dinner next week! Yes, they're actually getting married on Friday night, so we were planning on coming back early from our Maine vacation, now we're just coming home a day earlier than that and Sug's heart is filled with love and appreciation for a friend he started to feel separated from. Yesterday, we visited some more friends, these friends are in the transition from party animals to parents. Daddy-to-be is over the moon about it and has been practicing his baby soothing techniques on our little Bunny. D-T-B actually met me at my car to talk all about the childbirth education class they had just finished on Saturday! This isn't all that odd as I have been attending births as a doula in training for over 7 years now (gosh, that's way too long, I've got to get that thing nailed down). In speaking with Mama-to-be, there seem to be some concerns (obviously) over which battles are worth fighting with the docs who want to schedule a c-section 2 weeks before she is even due, because she has gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I offered my services right there and then without even talking to Sug, come to find out at the same exact time, he had offered me up to D-T-B for the same thing. I now have a date to bring over some materials and answer any/all the questions they still have. Now, I don't know if anyone noticed, but I have at least 6 engagements on my calendar (although the baby's birth is written in pencil), not to mention that as soon as we get back from Maine, my friend from Germany will be here for a visit!! (see what I mean about long distance friendships) All of a sudden, I'm some sort of a social butterfly, and it's with a whole bunch of people I love and feel comfortable to be myself around. I don't know how it happened, but this one weekend set the stage for a whole lot of fun and fellowship and all I had to do was leave my house!

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